HOTZ Inc. 
The spirit of invention and the will to constantly seek newer horizons has helped mankind soar to amazing heights of acievement and discovery, in almost every field of endeavour.   By learning from
past mistakes and forging ahead relentlessly, man has shaped his own destiny, just like we at Hotz have done with our single-minded commitment to setting new standards every day.   The Customer is the common thread that binds us at Hotz, a diversified group with interests in an array of fields from textiles to hospitality services, industrial gases, financial services and real estate development.
The team of dedicated workers who work tirelessly in Hotz's factories and offices are responsible for its success.

Industrial Gases

It is their persevrance and sincerity and the vision of its leaders that together have helped Hotz accomplish its mission and achieve its ambitious goals.  A partnership that spells success !

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Registered Office : 32, Hanuman Road,
New Delhi - 110 001
Tel : 91-11-334 7130, 334 0596, 336 1217
Fax : 91-11-336 3861
E-mail :,
Contact Persons : Mr. Uggar Sain - Managing Director
Mr. Arun K. Jain - Jt. Managing Director
Mr. Gaurav Jain - Director
Mr. P.S. Bhattacharya - Manager Commercial